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Murder Mystery



All of our murder mystery events are themed which adds to the fun. We encourage our 'detectives' to dress up and become involved in the evening. Try some amateur sleuthing; there may be a budding Sherlock Holmes amongst you. If the theme you wanted is not listed please call, it may be in the pipeline. All our scenarios have a script but our actors have to think on their feet to be able to answer those unexpected questions.

If you are the organiser then please browse the scenarios below and choose the one that best fits the venue and the event then go to the Contact page and fill in our form.

Scenario List

Sandra Clause NEW

This evening is the Annual Christmas Dinner of the Cleopatra Cosmetic Consultancy. The Company was formed ten years ago by Sandra Gillespie who was made a Dame three years ago. The company is highly rated among all the fashion magazines as one of the most reputable companies in the cosmetic world and can boast that it has clients in the highest echelons of society.
How much will Sandra give out as bonuses this Christmas?
Who’s Who?
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The Goldthorn Angels Detective Agency NEW

Tonight is a special meeting of the Goldthorn Angels Detective Agency and is hosted by the owner of the Agency, Victoria (Goldie) Goldthorn. Goldie wants the Agency to find and apprehend the arch criminal and murderer called.
Who is the Phantom?
Who’s only out for revenge?
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The Pink Glove

The evening is an emergency meeting of the Society Thieves International Female Federation (STIFF) and is hosted by the Chairlady Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. All the ladies of the Federation are here tonight and all are very eager to discuss the matter of the Pink Glove and who it could possibly be. Don Alberto Montefiore, The Federations Mafia fence is also here to find who The Pink Glove is, as recently there have been some very lucrative jewellery heists attributed to The Pink Glove and he wants a part of the action.
Who is the Pink Glove?
Where is Mumbles Malchetti?
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The Ladies Calcutta Club

This evening is the Annual Dinner of the Calcutta Club. The Club was formed 150 years ago by Lady Winifred Hunstanton who was the wife of the Governor of Calcutta in British India. The present Chairman is Lady Constance Pierce.
Although the club is no longer situated in Calcutta and the Ladies of the Club have never been to India, they still hold to the traditions of their mothers, grandmothers and great grandmother who were the original Memsahibs of British India.
Who is being untrue to the traditions of the Club? What affair? Who is the imposter?
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The Coven

This evening’s gathering is to celebrate the birth of a new Coven. The Coven of Fire and Light. The founder and High Priestess of the Coven is Mistress Lilith and she commands obedience from her flock. IS the Coven dark and sinister OR one of healing and herb lore? Why did the members of this Coven split up from Wiccan Coven; The Wheel of Hearn? What is the dark secret? Who is the wolf in sheep’s clothing?
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The 007 Club

This evening is the Annual Dinner of the 007 Club. The Club was formed ten years ago by Martin Hodge who is the Chairman and founder. Martin will be here along with his wife and Club member Susan. The Club involves itself in anything to do with fictional spying 007 style and members often go on field trips to various locations where 007 films were shot. Some members specialise in inventing useful gadgets for spying. The Club even boasts that it has an Ex-Bond Girl as a member.
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Buiffalo Creek

Tonight here in The Dusty Saddle Saloon is a celebration Ho-Down to commemorate the end of the civil war two years ago and is hosted by Noah Parks the town Mayor. The town was at the forefront of some of the most ferocious fighting during the war and the notorious Confederate Texas Marauders, who reputedly raided Union strong holds for gold, were billeted here for a while.
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The Boudin Noir Theatre Company

Tonight is the announcement and celebration dinner of a new venue for the company. The new venue is Ellingford Hippodrome and the new play is called Ketchup at Christmas. The Boudin Noir Theatre Company is a touring company which was formed ten years ago by Madame Candice Dupree.
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Centre Court

This evening we are celebrating former tennis star Alison Runcorn’s selection as leading lady in the blockbuster movie Strawberries and Cream. Debora, Alison’s mother will be here tonight as will a host of other guests.
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Stanton Priors Crop Circle Club

This evening is the General Meeting of the Stanton priors Crop Circle Club. The club was formed some years ago when a UFO was seen hovering over a corn field. Just after that event, crop circles began to appear. Each year the crop circles have re-appeared, although no further UFOs have been sighted.
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The Blessings of Dunton Abbas

Tonight is the annual Blessings of the village of Dunton Abbas. The villagers hold the blessing each year at the Grange which has been the home of the Hazelwood family for generations.
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Fenwick Enterprises

Tonight is the Annual Dinner and the announcement of bonus payments of the London based finance company, Fenwick Enterprises. Lord and Lady Fenwick will be here tonight along with Adam Black, the company’s Director of Procurement.
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Farriers End Ghost Hunters Club

Tonight is the Annual Dinner of the Ghost Hunters Club. Mike Taylor the club’s chairman will be here, along with his wife Natalie. Things might not quite go bump in the night as they are expected to. The club was founded by Mike Taylor after he had a paranormal experience. Mike and his team arrange field trips to haunted houses and locations throughout the year.
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The Haunted Hall

Tonight is the pre ghost hunt dinner of the Ghost Hunters Club. Mike Taylor the club’s chairman will be your host. Mike and his team are international consultants in the paranormal investigations world. They arrange field trips to haunted houses and locations throughout the year. The ghosts of One Handed Boughton and Lady Arominter haunt the hall along with many others. Vera has organised a competition. Whose ghost would you like to see? And why?
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The Midas Touch

Sir William Thorndyke, has over the years, squandered all his family wealth on high living. Last year he was so broke that he contemplated selling up, paying off his debts and moving out of Thorndyke Manor. The only place he and his wife, Lady Avis, would be able to afford was a rented flat.
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Tonight is a celebration of one year to the day that Miss Maureen Cotes, a mature lady, won £10 million on the lottery and went on her very first holiday abroad with her friend Agnes Burton. Whilst Maureen was on holiday she met and fell in love with Lorenzo Martini, whom she intends to introduce to everybody tonight.
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The Society of the Partron Saint

Tonight is the annual St Georges day celebration. Normally The Fellowship holds its dinners each year at the Grange in the village of Meadows St George, where it is believed that the local church (St George in the Meadows) is the real site where the dragon was slain. Sir Norman Turnbull, the chairman of The Fellowship has decided to hold the dinner at a larger venue this year.
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The year is 1922. It is one year to the day that Valentino’s Club opened. Tonight is the club’s first of many Annual Dinners. Bunny Bostock the club’s owner will be here tonight along with her friend Lofty. Valentino’s is the place to be seen in and the club members boast that Valentino’s puts the ROAR into The Roaring Twenties.
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WW2 Special Operations Executive

On the 22nd July 1940. Minister Hugh Dalton, seconded the hall to the War Department to be used as a Special Operations Executive (SOE) training camp and numbered it STS 27b for SOE Operatives. Its mission is to encourage and facilitate espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines.
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Paper Chase

This evening is the Paper Anniversary of Derek and Chantelle Merchant. The couple met eighteen months ago in Thailand and it has been a whirlwind romance ever since. They have decided to hold their anniversary here at this hotel because this is the very hotel that they were married in.
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Von Schulenburg

Tonight’s celebration dinner hosted by Princess Valeria Von Schulenburg, to say thank you to all the friends that have supported the Von Schulenburg’s over the years and in recognition of receiving an official communique from the Romanian Government granting permission for the Von Schulenburg’s to return to their family seat in Transylvania. All the rights that were removed from the Von Schulenburg’s in 1820 have been restored.
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Disclaimer: The events depicted in this play are fictional. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. All terminology used is in keeping with the content of the play, bears no reflection on real life and is not an expression of opinion or belief of either Murder International or the actors in the play.